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NSK News Bulletin June 2013

Yomiuri President Shiraishi Elected as NSK Chairman

The Japan Newspaper Publishers & Editors Association (NSK) on June 19 elected Yomiuri Shimbun Holdings President Kojiro Shiraishi as its new chairman. He was appointed to the top post by the incoming NSK Board of Directors elected at the 100th general meeting, which was held at the Press Center Hall in Uchisaiwai-cho, Tokyo.

All NSK directors and auditors were being either replaced or re-elected at the end of two-year terms of office. The newly elected officials then held a Board of Directors meeting that began with Shiraishi’s installation as NSK chairman. He already serves as president of the Tokyo head office of the Yomiuri Shimbun. Hokkaido Shimbun President Masatoshi Murata and Chugoku Shimbun President Jiro Yamamoto were re-elected by the board to serve as NSK vice chairmen. Sankei Shimbun President Takamitsu Kumasaka joined them as a newly elected vice chairman. NSK Secretary General Akira Kawashima was named NSK managing director and NSK Deputy Secretary General Ichiro Kono was designated to replace him as secretary general. Former NSK Managing Director Motoyoshi Torii was named to the post of advisor.

The general meeting appointed a total of 45 members to the Board of Directors. The newly elected directors include NSK Executive Director of Operations Toshikazu Yamaguchi, who handles public relations for Yomiuri Shimbun Holdings and is the executive managing director of the Yomiuri’s Tokyo head office -- responsible for public and media relations. Chunichi Shimbun President Nobuaki Koide also joined the NSK board as a newly elected director, while Asahi Shimbun Chairman Kotaro Akiyama stepped down as NSK chairman, and Chunichi Shimbun Vice Chairman Torao Oshima retired as an NSK director.

At the Board of Directors meeting held right after the general meeting, Shiraishi was chosen as incoming NSK chairman by the members of the new board, and Kumasaka, Murata and Yamamoto were each formally named as vice chairmen.
NSK Chairman Shiraishi said, in remarks after his election, that he would continue his predecessor Akiyama’s policies and do his best to advance the development of the newspaper industry. He also sought the support and cooperation of all member companies in carrying out his duties.

Outgoing NSK Chairman Akiyama expressed his gratitude for all the support he received during his term of office, and said he hoped that the newspaper industry would survive its current challenges through increased competitiveness and collaboration in the pursuit of industry-wide development.


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