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NSK News Bulletin August 2013

Japan Times website goes fee-based, print edition packaged with Intl NYT

The Japan Times is completing the implementation of its Aug. 7 announcement that its news website would be changing from free to fee-based on Oct. 16, the same day as its daily print edition starts being distributed together in a package with the International New York Times.

Subscribers to The Japan Times / International New York Times will get free, unlimited access not only to the publication’s website, but also to NYTimes.com, a spokesman for The Japan Times said.

Registered users are to get free access to up to 20 stories a month from The Japan Times website. Non-registered users can access up to five stories. Subscribers to the “Digital Lite Plan” (900 yen per month) get access to 80 stories, while unlimited access, called the “Digital Plan,” is to cost 3,000 yen per month.

The monthly subscription for the print edition rose by 520 yen, to 5,000 yen, as of November. The per-copy newsstand price has risen from 180 yen to 200 yen.

As the International New York Times does not come out on Sundays, The Japan Times reconfigured ‘The Japan Times Weekly’ as of Oct. 20, moving it from Saturdays to Sundays and rebranding it ‘The Japan Times on Sunday’. The 28-page Sunday tabloid gets delivered to existing subscribers to the The Japan Times / International New York Times. The Sunday edition is also available at newsstands for 250 yen per copy.


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