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NSK News Bulletin October 2013

NSK objects to proposed harsher legislation against leaks of state secrets

NSK on Oct. 2 wrote to the government to warn of a threat to the freedom of the press posed by controversial proposed legislation that purports to protect state secrets.

The Abe government wants to enact the proposal into law in the current extraordinary Diet session, to more severely punish leakers of "special secrets" - sensitive diplomatic and national security information.

NSK’s objections were submitted to Cabinet minister for Information Security Masako Mori and to the Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office.

NSK says the planned law would curtail the constitutional freedom of the press and of newsgathering if improperly implemented by government and administrative organs. “If this happens, it would amount to an infringement of the people’s right to know – which is one of the essential requirements for democracy,” the NSK statement says, asserting “serious concern” about the proposed bill.

NSK demanded a clear definition of the so-called “special secrets” that would result in tougher punishments if leaked, and the organization also called for the addition of a clause specifically stating that any such legislation must not be allowed to infringe upon the freedom of the press and of newsgathering.

Jiji-owned PANA Photo Service and J-LoUPE database renamed Jiji Press Photo

The Pan-Asia Newspaper Alliance (PANA) news photo service agency that is 100-percent-owned by Jiji Press Inc., was renamed Jiji Press Photo on Oct. 1. The re-naming also coincided with the agency’s absorption of its own picture database company, J-LoUPE, under the single Jiji Press Photo business name.

The name change is to simultaneously highlight the agency’s vertical integration within Jiji Press – a primary source of news-photo supplies, while uniting the names of the operating company and its picture database in a unifying branding strategy, says Jiji.

TBS signs cooperation deal with Myanmar TV

Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. (TBS), one of Japan’s five major commercial television networks, signed a cooperation agreement with state-run Myanmar Radio and Television (MRTV) on Oct. 15.

TBS and MRTV are to supply each other with news footage and to cooperate in the use of their respective broadcasting facilities.

TBS signed a similar partnership agreement with Vietnam’s state broadcaster, Vietnam Television (VTV), last year.


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