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NSK News Bulletin November 2013

InterFM to open new foreign-community radio station in Nagoya

The operator of Tokyo FM radio station InterFM, FM Inter-Wave Inc., on Nov. 1 received a preliminary license from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications to open a new FM radio station for the foreign community in Nagoya. The company plans to start full-fledged broadcasting from Nagoya in April.

A Nagoya-area FM radio station that had previously served the local foreign community, RADIO-I, stopped broadcasting in September 2010, and its operator, Aichi International Broadcasting Co., closed down, creating the opening for a new station.

Nikkei replaces Nikkei Weekly with new English-language “Nikkei Asian Review”

The Nihon Keizai Shimbun (Nikkei) on Nov. 21 launched The Nikkei Asian Review, a new English-language publication that carries stories from across Asia. Its contents are available online, via smartphone, and in a weekly print edition. The new publication’s launch comes shortly after the discontinuation of the English-language Nikkei Weekly.

The print edition and mobile apps feature weekly articles, while the online edition also carries daily news. The monthly subscription fee is $17.99 (\1,800) for online and mobile app access, and $27.99 for a set of the weekly print magazine bundled with the online and mobile app services. The print magazine is delivered by mail. The subscription fees are quoted in U.S. dollars for the convenience of overseas subscribers. The monthly fee for Japanese subscribers via mobile apps only, is \1,600.

Nikkei President and CEO Tsuneo Kita said the new publication aims to “boost understanding about Asia, by providing news from an Asian perspective.”

In preparation for the launch of the new publication, the Nikkei terminated its weekly print magazine, The Nikkei Weekly, at the end of September 2013, also suspending the operation of its conventional English-language news website on the same day.


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